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Relevance Of Completing Higher Education

Education has been known to be the only key to success. To have a better life people need to have a college education to earn most of the favors in this world. These include having a stable job, to have a broad and extensive view of the world, etc. Though there are those people that do not have an opportunity to get education because of various reasons like finances, lack of time or even inspiration. Pursuing education is an easy task that when people are not inspired they do not have the drive to complete the journey.

There are many people that succeed through education in the world. Those people that cannot get the strength to pursue their college education should draw motivation from different alumni in different universities. Among the celebrities is Natalie Portman, a film producer, this an actor that graduated with a degree in psychology from Harvard University. This course has helped her deal with insights from different people all through her career. It has also helped portray various characters all through her acting career. And as a result she won an academy award for being the best actress.

Lupita Nyongo is a celebrity that has made her success through education. Lupita Nyongo is an Oscar, award winner. She won the trophy after completing the film of twelve years as a slave. She studied Yale university with a masters degree. John Legend is also a famous musician. John legend graduated from Pellenslavyia university. He is also a philanthropist that fights equal education rights. He understands the benefits of education and wishes the same to all people regardless of their social status. Therefore this is obvious that education can change the lives of people.

Emma Watson is also a celebrity that has enjoyed the fruits of education. She is an actor and an alumni of Brown University. The actor has a bachelor of English and literature. The course has been of great help to the actor throughout her acting. Even after Emma Watson had made it in acting she still went back to complete her degree because she understood the importance of education. Canon OBrian, he is a famous comedian, a television host and a producer. He is a graduate of Harvard University. The comedian started his career back in the university.

All the people that have been mentioned are people that pursued a college education. Education is essential not only for people to earn a good job but to expand the mind. People nowadays have the wrong idea on education and are just after getting the lucrative job. Education has helped to mold people mind and they can think outside the box. For these reasons every individual should attend the higher institutions of learning without limiting themselves. it is the best way to eliminate poverty and ignorance in the society. if others have made it them everybody can do it too.

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