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Your Travel Guide for Things to Do in Havana, Cuba
Visiting new areas is adventurous but it can be overwhelming when you do not know the places you will visit. Cuba is a great vacation destination especially during this cold season because it is warmer. If you are planning about visiting Cuba for a vacation, you can use this travel guide to help you know some of the best things to do when you get there. Below is an ultimate travel guide for things to do when you visit Havana, Cuba.

Think about visiting the Plaza de la cathedral when you get to Havana to see the beautiful 18th-century cathedral.

When you get to Havana, go ride the 11950s vintage car that is famous for tourist in Cuba.

Cuba has an authentic cigar, so have it if you are a smoker anywhere you are.

In Havana, there is the el Malecon where you can walk over a long distance as you enjoy other tourists presence and also locals as they hang out.

Taste the famous Hemingway daiquiri when you visit Havana and experience the sweetness the writes expressed.

Do not miss to visit the Havana Vieja, a place full of the baroque architecture styles and witness the beauty before going back home.

Take time to see for yourself how the Cuban cigars are made, at the factory in Havana before leaving.

Spare time to visit the museum of the fine arts and see some of the works of famous artists.

If you love politics you should not leave Havana without visiting Plaza de la Revolucion and see the famous “always toward victory” phrase from their famous leader in his honor.

After all the visiting and traveling, think about talking a quite relaxing break at the beach at Playas del Este.

Some of the best places to get great arts is the la Fabrica de Arte Cubano or pisoclabis bazar-caf?, so visit them and see what artists have on display for you.

In Havana salsa is everywhere, so dance along with the locals or enjoy to see them dance if you are not a great dancer anywhere you are in the city.

From the many paladares in Havana, eat from one of them and enjoy the delicious cuisines meals from these restaurants before you head back home and make memories of meals that you had on your vacation.

Loosen yourself when you get in Cuba and enjoy as much you can without holding yourself back.

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