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Business Network Security Tips for Multiple Locations

It is possible to incur a whopping four million dollar damage from a data security breach of an organization. Hackers have been known to target growing companies and expanding to other regions and have security measures which are not updated. Hence companies which have expansion plans should also have data security measures in place to secure their systems. You should ensure that you upgrade the security on all the vulnerable aspects of the company. The following are some security aspects that should be boosted reduce the probability of falling victim of a data breach.

The WiFi network of the company is the first weak point which you should secure. Businesses with open WiFi networks or provide login information to a lot of users are the most likely to be exposed to threats. When a malicious individual has easy access to your network, they can quickly look for gateways to your database.

Secondly, it is vital to train the employees about security measures. It is common for companies to be exposed to security threats because of employee errors. Such mistakes include employee errors or ignorance of leaving accounts open on WiFi networks which are shared or interconnected computers. The employees of a company should also be well advised about the need to have a strong password and how to create them. The training should also cover the essential protective measures against the most recent phishing activities on the internet.

Controlling the users of the network is also a very useful security measure. Not all the employees should have access to all the levels of the physical and digital aspects of the network. The persons who have access to the data center will be more responsible and accountable in case there is a threat to the system. It also helps the supervisors to monitor the activities of those who have access. You should establish the roles of the persons who have access to the data center and be clear when they should access the secure data center.

Finally, you should clear your database for unwanted data. The data in the organization which cannot be accounted for or verified can turn out to be a network security threat. This is very likely for companies which are bound by privacy terms which restrict the organization from accessing the customer data. You can, however, employ security measures to prevent such data from accessing the network. Other useful measures include removing old users and their data from the system when you note that they are no longer using their accounts.

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