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What you need to do in Case an Accident Occurs

One of the worst thing you can ever come across is a road accident it have hurt many and done a lot of even irreversible damage to human being and their properties. If you chance to be the one in the accident scene or you are the one at the center of it you need to be very careful on what you do next because this is what that will count on your recovery be it physical recovery mental recovery or even materials that is your car. Do not just panic in an accident scene and relax to wait for what happens to you next you need to be on your toes trying to do a number of things remember you are on the road.

The first that you should do is to make sure that you press the hazard button to show other traffic that you are there for a while and you are not moving. you body condition come next after the hazard signs and in this we are assuming the accident was not that fatal because if after all, it was fatal you cannot use hazard signs since they are all dismantled. Never underrate an injury in your body after an accident because this is what can easily kill you need to make sure you seek for the medical response team to help you before it takes long in damaging.

Do not feel that you have not been hurt and you stop at that you need to make sure that you do the required recording even before the cops are there to sort things out. You can even try to get some witness who can stand by you and by the truth of what happened so that the case does not turn against you at any time. If you chance to be there and you are safe and sound make sure you immediately notify the insurance company so that they can come and witness it as they make plans on how to compensate you.

Do not take the law into your hands because this at times is very much tempting especially in case where you might be angry or worked all you need to do is to seek for the legal advice from your lawyer and from there everything will fall back in place rather you adding salting to the injury by you confronting the other person who you think is the cause of everything. You need not to apologize or to accept any fault this will make you be the guilty person and you will lose your chance to be compensated so be calm.

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